Meet a Nurse: Kaitlyn Molé

Our liberty depends on the freedom of press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.

Our liberty depends on the freedom of press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

I believe that the world functions best when everyone works collectively for each other's well-being and advocates for one another. There's few jobs that are better suited to advocate and to offer support for others than nursing! We have a unique opportunity to provide compassionate, holistic care and education and to serve as a guide for people in their own wellness. I love it! 

Why did you become a forensic nurse? 

 I worked in domestic violence advocacy before becoming a nurse as well as during nursing school. Traumatic experiences are so often categorized as solely having psychological and social effects, but they're deeply interwoven in health, both acutely and long term. So many people experience intimate partner violence and sexual assault. I think it's a huge social issue and can't imagine not working in anti-violence in some capacity, I feel as if it's an ethical calling for me.

. I want to hold space for the complex experiences and needs that occur as a result of these traumas, it's so important to have private, focused and specially trained people to care for these patients. 

What's your favorite part of being a nurse?

I love listening and validating people's experiences. Everything moves so fast in the world, I think it makes all the difference to stop and really listen to someone. I also love guiding people in their own learning/understanding of their own needs and helping them manage their own wellness long-term. 

What do you do to take care of yourself in such a stressful job? 

I give 100% and try to be fully present when I'm at work so that I'm able to come home and know that I did all that I could for that person, that enables me to separate work and home. DCFNE is great about supporting self-care, I feel very supported by my peers in the organization and administration schedules in self-care which is great. Otherwise I spend time reading, cuddling my cats and my partner, laughing with friends, being outside etc. :)  I'm lucky to have great support!