Celebrating National Nurses Week!

Happy National Nurses Week! This year's theme is Nurses: Leading the Way and we're proud to be leading the way for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence in the District. Forensic nurses play an important role in the community by providing victim-centered medical care while also collecting evidence and working with the judicial system to bring perpetrators to justice.

This year we joined with other victim services groups in DC to ensure that survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) have access to comprehensive care and services. Our nurses provide exams to survivors of IPV and they are specially trained on the nuances of strangulation and other injuries commonly seen with IPV patients, and they know how to collect evidence and offer testimony in court. Learn more here. We also continued to provide exams and medical care for sexual assault survivors in the city. Check back for more information as our program continues to grow and offer new services!

Read more about forensic nurses and National Nurses Week here.